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Customer Service

The Wilkin Management Group, Inc. team is an organization consisting of highly skilled and talented individuals working together to provide the best service to our clients. We believe in the importance of maintaining ongoing client relationships by the joint effort of the Board of directors and WMG. Our Administrative, Financial & Property Manager teams are all involved in the day-to-day support of each our client’s needs.

Administrative Service

Our Administrative Services at Wilkin Management Group, Inc. are unique and unlike most administrative support teams. We firmly believe the more knowledge a team member has with an Association, the greater the client satisfaction is. Some of our standard services include but are not limited to preparing monthly meeting reports for Board meetings, enforcement of rules & regulations, service requests, collections, owner correspondence & 24-hour emergency services. Our new integrated software system allows back up of all data every two hours protecting all Association information.

Financial Service

Wilkin Management Group, Inc. provides a full spectrum of financial services to our clients & their Board of Directors. Our monthly financial package including the Standard Balance Sheet, Income Statement, aged accounts payable & receivable reports.  Our financial reports are noted for variances. In addition, we provide budget package preparation & presentation along with annual audit assistance.  In addition to this, we have a project administrative team that works with our Boards and communities in the financial planning for all large-scale projects including assisting them with reserve and deferred cash flow reports, obtaining loans, phasing assessments, and the like.

Management Service

At Wilkin Management Group, Inc. we have built a strong support system for our Property Managers with our Financial & Administrative teams. This system gives managers the ability to be more hands on with the Boards and focus on key issues with the Association or any projects in place. With the implementation of technology, all team members can connect to our systems no matter their location. Regular site inspections, supervision of vendors & projects, and community involvement are some of the key factors in the partnership between a manger and the Association. The continuous communication allows the WMG team to be proactive in creating resolutions and goals for the Board to make better decisions for their Association.

Resale/Refinance Information

Wilkin Management Group, Inc. utilizes an electronic system for document and data delivery pertaining to a resale or a refinance. This system provides 24/7 access to all governing documents & critical association data for lenders, closing agents, real estate agents and more. Below are a few items available to you once you are registered user.

  • Condo questionnaires
  • Closing statements
  • Governing documents
  • Order by address or Association name
  • Share your order
  • Rush Deliveries
  • Email & SMS text completion notices for users
  • Hard Copy delivery options available

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Help Desk: 1-866-925-5004
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