The Account Manager is our main point of contact with all our clients. The Account Manager will oversee the daily operations of a portfolio of residential properties. This role involves ensuring the properties are well-maintained, financially successful, and compliant with relevant regulations. The Account Manager will act as the primary point of contact for the Board, residents, tenants, and vendors. Key responsibilities include but are not limited to Board relations, resident relations, organization of property maintenance items, working with accounting to assist in financial management items, etc.

The Administrative Team supports the Account Managers in many client-facing roles.  This team is an integral part of the company in that they provide support to each account, may assist in planning, scheduling, implementing, and monitoring production activities, ensuring contract requirements, product specifications, and assuring deadlines are met. Team members will interface directly with clients and end users daily on both new and existing business. This team performs the highest level of customer service to ensure that all concerns, questions, and requests are handled in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

The Accounting Team consists of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Financial Management. The accounting team supports the Board within each site to assist in managing all aspects of their financial health.

Site Services consists of a full staff of Project Managers, Oversight Personnel and Maintenance Operation Professionals. Site Services is directly involved in General Contracting, vendor oversight, restoration and repairs, etc.

The Operations Team assists with the insurance and accounting functions of our company. The team members are focused on strong analytical skills, exceptional organizational abilities, a proactive approach to problem-solving and a comprehensive understanding of insurance and property management operations. This team consists of proactive individuals who can effectively manage multiple responsibilities and contribute to the overall efficiency and success of our operations.